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TV Comment: LOST "The Shape of Things to Come" (s4, ep9)

(I'm a little slow posting on this one. Busy weekend, etc.)

Woah. That might have been the meanest LOST ever. Huge body count too. If this is the shape of things to come, things to come look pretty nasty.

They killed Alex? Alex?! ALEX?!?! WTF?!?! That's a pretty brutal way to "change the rules", and a pretty mean thing to do to the audience. Alex was the innocent of innocents among the Others, and had everyone's sympathy. Karl, you always thought he was a redshirt, and Rousseau has had the sword of Damocles hanging over her since day one. But Alex? And in such a cold manner, where you're sure she's going to get rescued by someone, something, anything. That was a stunner. I'm still not over it. And I think we can be pretty sure that Karl and Rousseau are dead.

Not sure how many commandoes survived the smoke monster attack, but you have to figure that Martin Keamy did because he will have to pay, big-giant-humungous-time, for executing Alex. Maybe Rousseau could come back, and hunt him down.

And the overall body count was pretty high. Two in the flash forward (the man in the desert, the man Sayid killed), 3 Losties at the Otherville cabins, Alex, the doctor, some number of the commandos. It rivals the end of Season 3, and seems worse because it was bit-by-bit and not all at once.

What about that smoke monster and how Ben could apparently call it from the room behind the door covered in carvings? What is that thing anyway? Explaining the smoke monster (if they do it) will be difficult to do without some form of "magic". Not that I should worry about "magic" when this island can supposedly keep people from killing themselves or make apparitions appear or transport people on or off the island. But I worry about the smoke monster anyway.

Speaking of "magic", how about Ben appearing in the middle of a desert with no visible method of getting there? Sounds like some form of teleportation to me. It also could (or does) explain how the polar bear ended up in the middle of Tunisia (where Ben also landed). This "teleportation" thing bugs me a little too.

The final thing that bugs me is how they're playing around with time. A consciousness being unleashed to move through time, I can handle that (especially since it's not a physical body). But how time flows around the island feels a little messy.

What I got when Sayid saw the calendar on the freighter was that time passes the same on or off the island (it's late December 2004 in both places), but that when you leave or go to the island delays occur. So, a rocket trip that should take 2 minutes takes 30 minutes or a helicoper trip that should take an hour takes a day.

But now there's hints that time is physically different in the two places, like the doctor being dead in the water in the island but alive on the freighter. Or the theories that Ben actually physically went into the future. I hope that these aren't the case because then the consistency is lost for me. I'm thinking that the first case (doctor) is the freighter people lying, and the second case was the "teleportation" above and Ben leaving the island (in October 2005) to try to "get help" or "take care of the problem".

Other minor things:

- Now we see how Jack ends up off the island without "getting all my people off". He's got a gut problem (probably appendicitis, the script-writer's favorite emergency condition) and will be shoved onto the helicopter against his will.

- When I think about who gets off the island (the Oceanic Six) and how, I wonder if when Abbadon said to Hurley "do you think they're still alive" he was talking about his team, not the Losties?

- Speaking of the team I see why Daniel (the physicist) and Frank (the pilot) are there, but what about Miles and Charlotte? Miles, as a spiritualist, might be useful to talk to "the island" or Jacob or whatever. I haven't seen any use for Charlotte beyond being snide and beating up Juliet. And that beating up Juliet, that's got to stop. I'm not going to put up with it!

- It's interesting how our LOSTies seem to be caught up in a "game" that's much bigger than them: the battle for control of the island. You wonder who wins or even if anyone wins at all.

- The LOST fan's friend: The LOST Timeline (at Lostpedia). Great help in sorting out what happened when, especially now that we have flash forwards.

Next week: Jack gets sick, Ben/Locke/Hurley try to find the cabin, Sawyer/Claire/Aaron/Miles try to get back to the beach. And we build up to the massive, crazy finale in which the Oceanic Six get off the island.

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