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[writing] April 2008 Review

- 2 new stories written to first draft
- 5 stories started, but not finished (tsk tsk tsk)
- 4 stories revised
- 1 stories critiqued
- 2 stories went out for critique
- 4 stories submitted to publications. Current Dean Wesley Smith "The Race" score is 8.
- Wrote 13801 new words, received 5430 words of revision credit

I wrote first drafts of 2 story:
- "The Accountant and the Octopus" (? words; no critique)
- "Late Night at the Small Insight Café" (770 words; no critique)

I started five stories, but did not finish them (Bad Yeff!):
- "Robot in Furs"
- "The Dials of the Heavens, the Numbers of the Stars"
- "Planet Twenty and Ship of Man" (the play)
- "The President's Book of the Dead" (Murverse story)
- "Dhog On The Internet" (Murverse story)

I revised four stories:
- "The Reality of Space" (a near-full rewrite of "Real Space"; sent to BayCon Writing Workshop)
- "Home is the Wind and the Sky" (touch; sent to SacSpecFic for critique)
- "Echoes of Oceans from Distant Shores" (several touches; submitted)
- "Stars Above and Ice Below" (touch)

One story received a critique:
- "Home is the Wind and the Sky" was critiqued by SacSpecFic

Two stories submitted for critique:
- "The Reality of Space" was submitted to BayCon Writing Workshop
- "Old Town, Old Man, New Man, New Town" submitted to Critters (again)

Four stories were submitted for consideration by publications, to F&SF (two stories), Flash Fiction Online, and futurismic. Replies to four stories were received, all "no"s, from CatsCurious, Taking Flight, Asimovs, and F&SF. Eight stories are currently out for consideration, thus my Dean Wesley Smith "The Race" score is 8.

I wrote 13801 new words, and earned 5430 words revision credit.

Totals since January 1:
- 11 new stories written to first draft
- 6 stories started but not finished (Bad Yeff!)
- 17 stories revised
- 17 stories received critiques
- 4+ story went out for critique
- 12 submissions to publications (four "no"s so far, eight stories currently out)
- 51,842 new words and 35,745 words revision credit

April shapes up as a bit of a disappointment. Not enough new stories to satisfy the internal Taskmaster, and leaving stories undone *really* ticks Taskmaster off. The four submissions was a good thing, we'll see if I can beat that in May. Not enough critiques are happening; I need to try to get more (but how?). Also, I'm not doing enough critical reading (like crits for groups or read a story a day). Next month, I'll start tracking critiques that *I* do.
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