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TV Comment: LOST, "Something Nice Back Home" (s4, ep9)

Summary: Blanks are filled in. Dots are connected. Set up occurs for the future. Juliet rules!

This was very much a fill-in-the-blanks, connect-the-dots, set-up-the-future episode. I enjoyed it because it moved quickly, put some pieces together, involved a lot of characters, and gave us a tease of the rest of the season. And, Juliet was her usual excellent self. (Yes, I'm a Juliet fan. Any problems with that? No? Good.)

Fill-Ins and Connections

Now we know what happened between the first Jack/Hurley meeting at the start of Season 4 season (regular Jack) and the later Jack/Kate meeting from end of Season 3 (despondent Jack). That advice Jack's colleague gave him about "talking to someone" is pretty good advice. It could help, and save him a lot of trouble and grief. Will he do it? Of course not! He's Jack!

And on that note, a relationship isn't just reading to the kid and making out around the house (shower, hallway). A little bit more work is needed if Jack and Kate are going to last. So far, there's no hint of that happening.

Back on the island, Karl and Rousseau are definitely dead. D-e-a-d, dead and buried. I'm sure the commandos buried them to keep the bodies from being found, but used a shallow grave because there wasn't much time.

But what about the water bottle (the one Karl was holding when he was shot)? In their podcast, Jay and Jack like to joke about how the water bottle will be coming back from the dead, or be somebody's vision. I like that idea. Maybe the water bottle can get Martin Keamy.


Now we see how Claire and Aaron become separated, which could be one reason that Claire doesn't get off the island. I'm thinking that Claire might just be at Jacob's cabin.

I still think that Jack's appendix issues will be a factor in why he doesn't "get everyone off the island". Otherwise, why have the whole appendix situation in the first place? Just for Juliet to reveal that Jack likes Kate? It has to relate to the escape from the island. Sure, Sawyer chose to stay but Jack's not going to willfully abandon everyone.

Based on Jack's future "you're not even related to him" comment to Kate, you have to believe he finds out that he and Claire are half-siblings. When he learns, I'm not so sure, but I'm guessing before he gets off the island and that it has something to do with Claire seeing Christian Shepard.

We know how the Oceanic Six gets off the island: the copter is on the island. But, does it go back to the freighter and then return? Following my "LOST moves slower, and is less complicated, than I expect" rule, I'm thinking not. Which means that the commandos and the team (Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, maybe Frank) get stuck on the island. There's definitely more dramatic tension that way. But it also means that the commandos have to be stopped before they get away (Frank was leading them to the copter). Hmmmm....Jacob? Smokey comes back to finish the job?

Aaron is making his way back to the beach with Sawyer and Miles, which means four of the Oceanic Six will be on the beach. That leaves Sayid, on the freighter, and Hurley, at the cabin. It's going to be tough to get Hurley back with everyone else. I'm not quite sure how they do it. Only four episodes left to find out (and really it's only two episodes, with one of them being 3 hours long).

Random bits

So Charlotte speaks Korean? Interesting. Could she have a connection to Mister Paik?

What was Kate doing for Sawyer? The Internet agreement is that her favor is related to the child Sawyer had with Cassidy. Sounds good to me.

In the last Jack/Kate scene, when he's interrogating her about where she's been, how many people said "What's going on, Jack?" right before Kate said it. I did!

What do you want to bet that the other side of that Morse Code conversation about the doctor involved Sayid or Desmond, and they were lying in order to hide whatever situation develops on the freighter? I think Sayid, Michael and Desmond will get control of that freighter. Does Desmond come back from the island too? Yes, as part of the freighter crw. Then he can be with Penny. Everyone wants Desmond with Penny. Then Desmond is in the way of Ben hunting Penny. More dramatic tension.

Miles hears ghosts, and they sound like whispers. Maybe that's what the sound of the others is, is the whispers of ghosts. Spoooky.


Juliet is just the greatest! She takes out Jack's appendix (with minimal blood loss), takes charge (from Jack) in the operating room, makes a cute "shaving men's stomachs" joke, tells Kate what's really on Jack's mind when he kisses, and then calls Jack on listening in ("you heard me"). Juliet has once again earned being my "LOST crush".

Next Week

It's called "Cabin Fever", so we can guess what it's going to be about. I also think we'll see some freighter action as well. All of this will set up the 3 hour season finale, which I expect to be wild and crazy (and not in a Festrunk Brothers way).

There's also the eventual Big Secret (called "the frozen donkey wheel" by Damon and Carlton). This is akin to the previous season secrets: the "flash forward" or the "tracking station in the Andes" or the "others kidnap Walt." I don't have thoughts on it yet, but something is definitely starting to form. Maybe next week.

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