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[writing] down to five points (but in a good way)

I'm now down to five in my Dean Wesley Smith "race" total (reference), but it's for good reasons.

First, a "good no" from Futurismic on a submission. The editor made positive comments and gave some good feedback. I like what they're doing over at Futurismic, both with the site and with the fiction, so I'll definitely be submitting there again.

And, an Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future for Second Quarter 2008! Woohoo! I'm rather pleased, as the decision on "which story" was a last minute decision, and I know the story I submitted has some rough spots and can be improved. But this says there's some good stuff in it, which is great!

So it's five submissions active, to: Polyphony, Escape Pod, Weird Tales, Flash Fiction Online, and Realms of Fantasy.

I have two submissions pulling at the leash to get out, to Asimov's and Analog. I also want to submit to Intergalactic Medicine Show and Baen's Universe.

QUESTION wrt Baen's: For Baen's there's the "pure slush" path versus the "Introducing New Writers" path, as detailed in the submission guidelines. I'm not sure which one to use. If anyone has any opinions on this, I'd love to hear them.
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