jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

busy busy busy

By Thursday May 15, I want (need) to:
- critique 2 stories for Critters (DONE)
- critique 2 stories for SacSpecFic (actually by Wednesday at 7PM)
- revise and submit a story for the Indian Country anthology
- finish "The Presidents Book of the Dead"

That's in addition to the several high-priority work tasks nipping at my arms and legs.

And the usual family things of kid school events and morning send-off and helping keep the household running.

Expect light LJing over the next few days as I get through work and writing. Which is a bummer, as I have three posts (on LOST, on Speed Racer, and on a play called "The Swan") cooking in the brain. Maybe at lunch break.
Tags: life, writing

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