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TV Comment: LOST, before the season 4 finale starts up

I've been doing some more thinking about the Finale (which starts tonight, yay!) and about the specific point of how the Oceanic 6 get together and get off the island.

Looking at the Oceanic 6 and where they are, we have:
- Sayid is in the Zodiac boat, heading back to the island
- Hurley is with Locke and Ben at the cabin
- Aaron is with Sawyer and Miles, heading to the beach
- Jack, Kate and Sun are at the beach.

Frank just dropped the transmitter to the beach and when Jack picked it up he said "I think they want us to follow them." The promos for next week show Kate and Jack in the forest with guns so it's safe to assume they do indeed follow.

Somehow the Oceanic Six has to all get together and get into the Zodiac (I'm assuming the Zodiac is the route off the island) and leave the island before whatever happens happens ("moving the island", maybe?). And we can assume they are the only ones to leave the island.

One interesting thing is that you have to assume Sayid is heading to the beach and whoever he finds there he will try to take back to the freighter. Also, Hurley has to leave the cabin and go to wherever the Six will be (probably the beach?).

I can see Sawyer and Aaron and Miles getting to the beach soon, and someone (Kate) taking hold of Aaron. I can see a group going into the forest to follow the signal and confronting the commandos. I can see Hurley joining up with them.

But I can't quite see all the machinations that make the Oceanic Six the only ones to get into the Zodiac and get off the island. I'm guessing it's crazy, wild, frantic, and chaotic. But what happens?

Also, once they get off the island what then? Assumes Locke "moves" the island and they can't find it. Do they go back to the freighter, and the freighter (under Desmond, Michael and the crew) take them back to civilization? Or maybe they can't find the freigher and they drift and are picked up by a ship? They end up in a cargo plane, which implies it's a military cargo plane. How does the military get involved?

The simple approach says "they get off the island in the Zodiac, go back to the freighter, and the freighter takes them to civilization." But that's just too easy. There must be a twist somewhere.

Well, tonight we start the process of leaning. I'm looking forward to this because I expect it to be crazy, dramatic, and fun.

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