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[travel] Livermore Scottish Highland Games

Friday night C and I drove down for a getaway weekend in SF and to run Bay to Breakers on Sunday. Saturday we went to the Livermore Highland Games, which was much fun!

We stayed at the Hilton on Kearney and paid the extra $$$ to get a view of the Bay. It was worth it. This is our actual view from our room on the 25th floor on Saturday morning. Wow.

We drove over to Livermore to the Highland Games, which had music, events, demonstrations, food, beer, and athletics. Here's some sheep being herded (note the sheepdog lurking in the background, keeping everything under control).

We watched a demonstration of shinty, which is a Scottish game described as "field hockey without all the rules" or "rugby with sticks". To me it looks like "Combat Golf."

Every Highland Games features big strong people throwing things, like weights (56 lbs) over bars or long cabers (aka telephone poles):

There is always music, such as pipes and drum bands. Here are some bagpipes. Four, at once. Just imagine.

At the end of the day the Wicked Tinkers, a "celtic tribal rock band", played. They are loud and fun. Yes, that is a digeridoo.

It was a good games and a good time. By about 5:30 we'd had enough of the sun and headed on back to SF to eat dinner and rest up for Bay to Breakers, the subject of the next post.
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