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Bay to Breakers 2008 (with pictures)

On Sunday C and I ran the 2008 Bay to Breakers with 60,000 other people. I've never done the race before (despite living in the Bay Area for 12 years), and now I have many regrets. It was a real blast! I ran all the way, longer than I've ever run non-stop in my life, and had fun the whole time.

We woke up Sunday morning to fog in San Francisco. Now this is the SF we all know.

On the way to the race we ran into one of the many costumed entrants. These guys said they were the (cold) Brazilian relay team. I don't think they were telling the truth as they were carrying the Ghostbusters-esque sprayers and drinking the contents. :-)

What's a race without Vikings? Here they are, engaging in the standard pre-race meal of beer and more beer.

A tradition in the starting area is the throwing of tortillas. Those white objects in the sky? Tortillas. All kinds of tortillas.

And we're off! That's the start line right there.

It was only this crowded for the first 3-4 miles or so. That's what happens when you go for a jog with 60,000 friends. In the distance is the infamous Hayes Street Hill.

It's a fish! This is one of a group of people who dress up like salmon and run the race backwards, fighting the current the whole way.

Bands line the route, such as this one in Golden Gate Park. They said they were a "Meshugga Beach Party" and played surf music. Real rabbis or not? Who cares? It was good music and a great boost!

It's the Olympic Torch (or a reasonable facsimile), along with a cadre of security guards to keep rabble-rousers at bay. Very funny. "Step away from the torch, ma'am!" "No pictures, sir!"

The finish line! The finish line! 12K later, we're almost done.

Yes indeed, I did finish and here's the proof.

This was a lot of fun, and we will definitely do it again next year. Maybe we'll even get costumes!
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