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travels with Mainspring

Now, I'll turn it over to a very special guest blogger. Take it away, Mainspring!

Hi! I'm the paperback edition of Mainspring, the new novel from jaylake. I went with Jeff to the San Francisco Bay Area and took lots of fun pictures. My author is getting better after some nasty surgery, so I wanted to post a travel diary for him to enjoy.

Saturday morning, I woke up to an incredible view of San Francisco. Check it out! What a great city!

I went with Jeff and his wife to the Livermore Scottish Highland Games.

I enjoyed a tasty meat pie (made of chicken and veggies) with special top-secret meat pie sauce. (I think it was actually Worcestershire sauce.)

I talked to a sheep! Good thing it was so tired from being herded or it probably would have tried to eat me!

This is a shinty stick. I didn't go into the game, cause then I would have to show those strapping lads who's the *real* shinty boss!

I watched the Wicked Tinkers play (they were great) and met band member Keith Jones. He could be jaylake's younger brother! Keith sends Jay his best wishes for a speedy recovery.

After we got back to SF, we prowled around for a bit. Hey look, it's me on Amazon on an iPhone! I'm so cool.

Posing with the poster for the next Indiana Jones movie. I wonder if someone will make a movie out of me someday? I hope so!

The next day, while Jeff and his wife ran across San Francisco, I stayed inside and enjoyed the view of fog cradling the city. It was lovely.

I had a fun time in San Francisco! I'm sure I'll get to go on more trips in the future. And I hope my author is feeling better and gets well soon. I want some more siblings!


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