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LOST: "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" (s4, ep12)

Summary: The pieces move around, but get no closer to what we know has to be their final arrangement. Everything is building to a craaaazy finale!

It's hard to judge this episode as a whole because it really is one hour of a three-hour finale. The viewers are still in the dark by the end of this first hour. I know that when the end of the show rolled around and I could see it wrapping it up I said "no, no, aw come on, just show it now!" I'm so hooked.

Instead, I'll engage in little thoughts and ideas around what we've seen so far and what it might mean. And, of course, there's my LOST Poll about things that should be revealed in the rest of the finale.

Based on the promos for next week, it looks like I might be correct after all with my predictions that the commandoes weren't going to leave the island and that the helicopter would be used to get the Oceanic Six off the island. I also called that the finale would open with the Oceanic Six arriving at "civilization" (and going backwards from there). Maybe I'm not so clueless after all.

Speaking of the Oceanic Six, what a game LOST is playing with us. It really looked like the Six (minus Hurley) was just about to get together at the beach. Then Jack runs off with Sawyer, Sayid and Kate run off after them, Sun and Aaron go to the freighter, and Hurley continues to the Orchid. Dang it! The path that gets the Oceanic Six together is still convoluted.

Once the "socks" (the background LOSTies) got onto the freighter, I said "that freighter is toast". This was even before I saw the C4 bomb in the engine room. I'm thinking the freighter either blows up or gets wrecked on the (conveniently mentioned) reef. And I'm certain the engine room bomb is hooked up to the device attached to Keamy, which is probably a heart-rate monitor. Keamy dies, freighter goes boom. Keamy is so evil.

But, if freighter is doomed, how do Sun and Aaron get off the freighter? Helicopter or Zodiac? How do the Six get to civilization? I thought freighter took them back, *but* freighter looks doomed. Helicopter can't go that far, which leaves Zodiac. Zodiac synchs with the press conference story and picture of the Oceanic Six arriving at Indonesia. But where does Zodiac get the fuel? (Random idea: Penny shows up with a boat to rescue Desmond and grabs the Six. Now that's completely random.)

Why did the Oceanic Six say that eight survived, but that two died? I thought it was going to be used to explain Aaron (Claire died in childbirth) and to explain Sun's pregnancy (Jin died after the crash). But, that didn't happen. So what gives with the Eight?

The timeline is also interesting. We're at Day 101 on the island. According to the Oceanic story, they made their way to Indonesia on Day 108 after a boat washed up on the shore of "Membata" (Indonesian for "doubt" or "uncertainty") on Day 103. This means we still have 6-7 days from when the Oceanic Six gets off the island to when they arrive in Indonesia. What happens in that time? What are they doing? And how do they get to Indonesia?

What an interesting tangle to try to unravel. It's keeping my mind busy whenever I let it.

Kate's statement that she is really Aaron's mom will most certainly come back to haunt her, as it's one of the weak points in the story of the Oceanic Six. Sun's pregnancy could be part of this as well (but, ma'am, you obviously got pregnant after the crash). I'm betting this "unravelling of the cover story" is a fifth season occurrence and helps with driving them back to the island.

When Ben was signaling the station on the ridge, who did he think he was talking to? And who was he actually talking to? I originally believed he was actually talking to a commando (who knew the protocol from the manual), but that assumes the entrance to the Orchid is on the top of the ridge and that sounds iffy because they weren't that beat when they found the entrance. So, Ben was really talking to who? An Other? Maybe even Patchy? (Cause we all know Patchy can't die :-)

With respect to the Others, who now have Kate and Sayid, I assume they will somehow end up being allies in the fight against the commandos. Maybe they're even part of Ben's plan.

Jack's appendectomy also needs to have some significance, though it certainly isn't keeping him from traipsing through the jungle. Perhaps it gets infected and that's why he can't "get everyone off this island", as he (once again) said he was going to do. Something has to change his mind so that he won't go back or even look back. What? If the appendectomy isn't it, why did that happen at all?

Obligatory "Juliet rocks" post: She noticed that neither Desmond nor Sayid could be heard on the walkie talkie. She told Jack he was extremely stubborn and pig-headed about what he could do post surgery. Juliet rocks!

Finally, "move the island". The Orchid station is involved somehow in this operation. The Orchid station is certainly how Ben gets off the island in Sayid's flash-forward. The preview had Locke saying he found "something wonderful." Interesting. I think "move" means "re-hide the island magnetically" as you can't really move (through space or time) the top of a under-ocean land mass. Unless, of course, it isn't really *that* kind of an island but is something else. And maybe "moving" the island will bring back the purple effect from the end of Season 2. I'd heard we were going to see that again.

Enough for now. 8 days! Eight more days! And I have to avoid spoilers, which are floating around the webs like crazy. It's a tough life being a LOST fan right now.
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