jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

into the dark RunDLL of the soul

Beyond two meetings today (one of them in the very snazzy HALO Room), the rest of the day at work was spent digging into the RunDLL problem (mentioned yesterday) that prevents me from releasing my software components to the application clients.

By the end of the day, I had discovered a few things:
- The RunDLL death was occurring after my component was done. This doesn't absolve my component of guilt, it just means the death isn't in my component.
- The RunDLL death was extremely intermittent and unpredictable (hate those kinds).
- The RunDLL death only occurred with one app client and on my laptop, not with other clients and not on the array of test machines.

Sounds to me like a bad software installation on my laptop, causing some sort of touchy memory/stack problem. Which is good, in that I can try reinstalling the software to see if it goes away.

But still, a long day. I thought at first the long day was the reason for this evening's "lethargic brain", but it's not the full explanation. More on that later, after the house is picked up and the laundry folded and what not.
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