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LOST: thoughts before the season 4 finale

Summary: What should happen; What might happen; What I want to have happen; total random predictions that might be right or might be wrong. T minus seven hours and counting! Woohoo!

If you don't like predictions then these are SPOILERS, but know that I don't know anything at all. Except for the one spoiler I accidentally read, but I already figured it was going to happen anyway. No, I'm not going to tell you what it was. And no revealing SPOILERS in comments, either, or I'm going to have to get Locke to blow up all your ways off the island.

This list is a mix of should, could, and random predictions, but it starts with the should and moves into the could and predictions.

- We find out who is in the coffin. My guess is Michael. Yeah, sure, it's the safe choice but just like Michael was the safe choice for "who's on the freighter", it's also the right choice. It makes the most sense. Of course, LOST could retcon the newspaper article to better imply someone else. But I'm sticking with Michael. Which means we will probably get to see Walt, all grown up (not "taller ghost Walt").

- We find out the purpose of the bomb on the freighter. My guess is it's linked to the transmitter on Keamy. Keamy's heart stops beating, bomb blows up, freighter goes boom. Which will be interesting, due to the next item.

- Keamy dies. He has to, just has to, in a pretty horrible way so that he pays for executing Alex. But, given the bomb, they might have to keep his heart beating until they can get the transmitter attached to someone else. Jack, how's your CPR on dead people?

- There is a "spectacular kiss". My guess is Kate and Sawyer. In one of two places: either on the copter before Sawyer jumps out or leaves and decides to stay on the island, or back at Kate's house in the future when Sawyer appears at the front door and says "you need to go back". Second vote for "spectacular kiss" is Desmond and Penny but that's more "out there".

- The island is "moved". I'm still at a loss on this one, as most of the options involving the island physically moving (in space or time) seem pretty darned unrealistic. I could see the result being: "shift the magnetic barrier, and the purple light shines again, and the island disappears". Which would suck if you were trying to get back there and rescue more people.

- We see inside the Orchid station and learn what it does. For sure. Inside, it's probably as dingy as the other stations, but I'm sure there's some cool 1970s era electronic equipment. The main functionality of the Orchid station will be around "transporting" (how Ben got to Tunisia). I'm assuming it's just a transport through space and not through time, though if it was through time I could live with it (cause it explains "immortal" Richard). In a preview, we saw a door split open to reveal a chamber which I'm betting is the transport chamber. Orchid station also will "move" the island but based on the above item (magnetic barrier shifting) I'm thinking the "move" is pretty straightforward.

Also, I'm betting that the Orchid transporter is a "one-way trip" despite what Ben said about the Magic Box. Because, if you can go both ways then what's the point of having the submarine and the beacon? Unless, of course, it's one person at a time and from a fixed point (in Tunisia). OK, that could work.

- The Others help save the day. They almost have to, because Kate and Sayid are with the Others now. I'm betting there was an Other on the hill who Ben signaled, and that they'll appear at the Orchid station entrance and/or the helicopter. They might even kill the commandos. By the end, I'd think that the leftover LOSTies will probably have joined the others.

- The freighter meets a tragic end. There's socks on the freighter, so it has to be destroyed, right? Except for the life of me I can't see how else the Oceanic Six gets to Indonesia. Maybe all the socks get killed in some sort of uprising related to the copter coming back.

- The Oceanic Six get off the island and to Indonesia. Duh. But how? At first I thought copter to freighter to rescue. Once the Zodiac boat appeared I thought Zodiac to freighter to rescue. Now, based on the preview, I think the copter is it again. I could see the Others bringing Kate and Sayid to the Orchid station, they go to the freighter to get Sun and Aaron, the island "disappears", and they have to sail off into the sunset and get dropped off near Indonesia in the Zodiac (under orders of Whitmore). Second option is the freighter crashes and the copter runs into another boat.

- The Oceanic Six decide they have to lie about what happened. This is likely the result of some big threat, probably from Charles Widmore or the like, towards all the people left on the island.

- If we get into truly random stuff, what about these: the Looking Glass hatch is used again, why I don't know; Penny Widmore shows up with a boat (this time, it "IS PENNYS BOAT"); the smoke monster gets explained (yeah, right); everyone travels through time (naah); and other random ideas like that.

- I heard that the ending won't be as shocking as last season's "flash-forward" but that it will help expand the story. I'm still betting on someone (probably Sawyer) showing up in the future and telling Kate/all "we have to go back". Thus setting up Season 5.

Somewhere I read that Damon and Carlton said that five episodes that will help give clues to the season finale are: The Pilot (Season 1), "White Rabbit" (Season 1), "Live Together, Die Alone" (Season 4), "Through the Looking Glass" (Season 3), and "The Shape of Things To Come" (Season 4). Maybe I'll go read those and see if I can glean anything.

7 hours and counting! Should be a blast. I look forward to being right, and being wrong, and being very very entertained! Woohoo!

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