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LOST: Season 4 finale, initial thoughts

Well, well, well. I called some events dead on, was surprised by others, and was consistently entertained. And there's a lot to think about until LOST comes back in 8 months. Eight Months! Agh!

- I was very pleased that the episode started at Jack's "we have to go back" moment from the Season 3 finale. And we found out it's been 3 years since the Oceanic Six got off the island. Three Years! Wow.

- I wonder if the Jack/Kate scene at the start (at the airport) was actually filmed last season and then just kept in the can until this season. That would be some serious planning. And when they cut to the island scenes, I sure thought I heard the "flashback sound". Interesting, that.

- I called that the Others were coming to the rescue; and that there was a big Kate/Sawyer kiss in the helicopter before he jumps out; and that the freighter was toast. Points for me!

- And that was some pretty poor bluescreen action when the chopper is flying around the destroyed freighter.

- Nice visit to Hurley from much older Walt, along with Hurley's little white lie that Michael might still be alive (or, at least, didn't get off the island).

- I was very surprised they could see the boat from the island. Sure the boat got closer, but it looked a lot closer than five miles. And why have the bearing if you can just look at the freighter? But visibility had to be established so you could have the scenes where Juliet/Sawyer are looking at the smoke.

- When they shot Keamy, I was wondering if Keamy might have been wearing body armor. And he was. Once again, the rule plays out: If you are shooting a bad guy to kill him, make sure he's dead. Shoot em in the head. No really. You want them dead, right? Make sure.

- Interesting comment from Miles to Charlotte about "getting back" to the island, and from Charlotte to Daniel about looking for where she was born. I guess that's some character basework in prep for next season.

- The bomb was strapped to Keamy and Ben did end up killing Keamy after all. Which makes sense, in a "frontier justice" sort of way. The nitrogen trick was interesting. ANd Michael is certainly dead, D-E-D, dead. After all, the Christian ghost said "You can go now".

- Claire at Aaron's bed was a serious "woah". Wonder why she doesn't want Aaron to go back, when we're told by Ben that the island wants everyone back. Perhaps some civil war on the siland?

- What happens to Daniel and the people in the boat? Did they go along with the island? What about anyone floating in the water from the freighter? I'd hate to see all those people (especially Daniel and maybe Jin) never appear again.

- It was funny that the approach of the boat reminded me of the approach of the Others boat in the Season 1 finale. And it "IS PENNY'S BOAT", which I "sort of" called in a far-out way earlier. Thus the second kiss (which was meant to be the "spectacular one" I think) was Penny and Desmond. That's nice.

- So "moving the island" apparently meant in space (at least). ANd Ben got moved in time, as he probably went right from the island moving to the Tunisia desert in the future. And the Frozen Donkey Wheel really was a frozen Donkey Wheel. This was the biggest WTF moment in the show. Where in the world did that wheel come from? And how come you had to blow a hold in the time chamber, go down a tunnel, down stairs, and through ice to get to it. Weird.

- That commercial for "Octagon Global Recruiting" sure looked fake. And, indeed, it was. Octagon is run by the Dharma Initiative. Ooooo.

- Finally, when they said the dead person in the coffin was "Jeremy Bentham" and they said it in that odd way I was sure they meant Daniel. Locke was a surprise, but now that I think about it it makes perfect sense. Now I wonder, did Locke have to "move the island" too? What kind of "bad things" could happen on the island now? Others versus Losties doesn't feel right any more.

All in all, highly fun. Lots to think about for the next eight months. A very enjoyable season and I'm sure I'll watch it again en masse before Season 5 starts up. LOST rocks!

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