jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

in the nick of time, a story is finished

Just finished up a first draft of "The Presidential Book of the Dead". I thus ensured I finished at least one new story this month, extending a "story-a-month" streak that goes back to January 2007. I was a little worried about how bad the May slump might get, so this is a good thing. The story is a fun one, and I'll do a quick revision and ship it out to SacSpecFic for this month's meeting.

Today was a lazy day overall. Lounged in bed until 10, went for a 4 mile run with C, nachos for lunch, finished "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow, took A to the park, watched (on the Internet) my brother get his PhD, and now C and I are going to a neighborhood party. Maybe even more writing tonight, depending on when we get back.

A fun tidbit from the story: Abe would never confess it to anyone, but he felt a certain amount of satisfaction as he plunged the knife into the actor's chest.

Like I said, a fun story.
Tags: the presidential book of the dead, writing

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