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Read a Story a Day, Mon May 26 - Sun June 1

Back at it again. While I didn't read a story every day, I read a bunch of stories during the week. So the philosophy was followed, and that's important, because I need to read in order to be a better writer.

Total: 10 stories, 4 book chapters
Top Favorites: "Masters of the Road to Nowhere", "The Second Descent", "A Ten-Pound Sack of Rice"

Stories Read:
"Following the Pharmers" by Brian Stableford, Asimovs Mar 2008
"Masters of the Road to Nowhere" by Carol Emshmiller, Asimovs Mar 2008
"This Is How It Feels" by Ian Creasey, Asimovs Mar 2008
"Spiders" by Sue Burke, Asimovs Mar 2008
"Exit Strategy" by K.D. Wentworth, F&SF Mar 2008
"The Second Descent" by Richard Paul Russo, F&SF Mar 2008
"A Ten-Pound Sack of Rice" by Richard Mueller, F&SF Mar 2008
"Blessed Night" by Naghib Mahfouz, _The Time And The Place_ [collection]
"Half a Day" by Naghib Mahfouz, _The Time And The Place_ [collection]
"Every Angel is Terrifying" by John Kessel, _The Baum Plan for Financial Independence_ [collection]
Chapter 17-21 and Epilogues, _Little Brother_ by Cory Doctorow

ETA: Added source for Richard Mueller story.
ETA2: Added titles for Mahfouz stories; added Kessel story.
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