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[writing] May 2008 Summary; June 2008 Plans

May 2008 Writing Summary
- 1 story finished (ick)
- 1 story started
- 2 stories revised
- 1 story sent out for critique
- 2 stories critiqued
- 6 critiques written
- 5 submissions
- 6 results from submissions
- 6993 new words written; 1585 words of revision credit

May was a slump, no two ways about it. I definitely felt like I had less writing energy, for a couple reasons that I finally figured out and which will be revealed in later posts.

- I only finished one story ("The Presidential Book of the Dead"). Slump Indication #1.
- I started one story ("In the Deep Dark I Saw The Light") and that was started on the very last day of the month. Slump Indication #2.
- I revised two stories ("Stars Above and Ice Below"; "Home is the Wind and the Sky")
- I sent one story out for critique, to SacSpecFic.
- I had two stories critiqued, by SacSpecFic and by BayCon.
- I did 2 critiques for Critters, 2 for BayCon and 2 for SacSpecFic.
- I did 5 submissions total, 3 of them were new stories never before submitted ("Samsara", "Stars Above and Ice Below", "Home is the Wind and the Sky")
- I received 6 submission results, consisting of 5 "no"s and a WOTF Honorable Mention.
- Race count at the end of the month was 6.
- I wrote 6993 new words and earned 1585 words of revision credit. Slump Indication #3. Less than half my standard new words, and the revision credit sure as heck didn't make up for it. Very disappointing, and the biggest indication of a slump.

June 2008 Writing Plans
- Finish 2-3 stories
- Start 1 story
- Revise 4 stories
- Get 2 stories critiqued
- Send 2 stories out for critique
- Critique 8 stories
- Make 5 new submissions
- Submission results are *not* under my control :-)

June should be a better month. There are many deadlines coming in for story submissions, and I feel more energized about writing after the May slump.

- I plan to finish 2-3 stories. Current writing queue is: "And In The Deep Dark I Saw The Light"; "Robot in Furs", "The Dials of the Heavens, the Numbers of the Stars"
- I don't have any story starts planned, but sometimes one just happens without any warning :-)
- I will revise 4 stories: current revision queue is: "The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Thirumala Naidu"; "When Crogdor Came Back"; "The Fishing Trip"; "When Lina Went On The Lam"; "The Accountant and the Octopus"
- Two stories will get critiqued: one at SacSpecFic, one by Critters.
- I'll send out two stories for critique: one to SacSpec, one to Critters.
- I'll critique 5 stories for Critters and 3 for SacSpecFic
- I'll send out 5 new stories for submission, and return others to their journey.
- By the end of the month, my Race points will be more than 10.

Here's some specific deadlines that are coming up with respect to writing stories and/or submitting them.
- 2 Critters crits by Tues June 3, and a crit a week after that.
- Story being critiqued by Critters from Wed June 4 through Tues June 11
- Story to SacSpec by Fri June 6.
- 2 SacSpecFic crits by Wed June 11.
- Revise a story for Critters queue by Tues June 10
- Write a story by June 15 and June 30
- Submit a story to Writers of the Future by June 30
- Submit a story to the Coyote Wild YA issue by June 30

You know, when I lay it all out like that, it seems like a heck of a lot. I'm sure as hell going to try to pull it off!

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