jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a dry chopped meat sandwich, and other climbing thoughts

The sandwich is what one could make using my hands right now. A had climbing club tonight so we brought along my mom C and her virtual-goddaughter AB, who just finished her freshman year at Rice University and is helping Mom move into the new house.

I taught AB the basics of climbing and belaying and, after a checkover by young, cool, cute rock climbing employee Addison (who apparently thought AB was pretty nifty), we did a bunch of climbing. I got to climb several simple up-routes (a nice change from my usual bouldering and low-altitude traversing), and AB did a bunch of climbing. But, boy, are my hands wiped out.

And, some advice to the climber: Eating, for lunch, a chicken and (refried) bean burrito from the hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant you happened to spy on the way back from the dentist might not be the best idea on a climbing day. While the resulting "air" does give a little extra lift, the down side is that, well, gas rises. ("Hey, is somebody burning plastic in here?")
Tags: fitness, food

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