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there's a "no" coming Real Soon Now from Polyphony

The Wheatland Press folks have announced that the Table of Contents for Polyphony 7 is coming, and "sale to Polyphony 7" posts are appearing in blogs (see below). So, it's pretty obvious that my story submission will be coming back as a "no" pretty soon.

Yet, I'm cool with that. I honestly expected it to last maybe a week or two and quickly be returned. But it apparently survived past a couple earlier rounds of "no"s and until the very end. I'm pleased with that, and no matter what the letter says I'll think of this as a "good no". During the time the story has been gone, a newer, sharper, ending has emerged in my mind so I'll give that a quick test run before sending it out again.

And I will definitely buy Polyphony 7. Because I like what they're doing. And would love to be a part of it someday!

ETA: Based on LJ posts, some TOC folks (so far) are: Ben Peek, John Rountree, Darin Bradley, Ken Scholes, and Jason Lundberg.
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