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and the cat came back, the very next minute

Back in October I talked about the hobo cats that regularly visit our yard, probably because we're one of the only houses without a dog. There was Old Cat, New Cat and Black Cat. Since then, we've had regular visits from White Cat aka Skittish Cat, a white Siamese that skulks around the yard and runs away whenever anyone gets close to it.

And since October, Old Cat disappeared. We were certain Old Cat was dead, as a while back C mentioned she'd seen a dead cat in the road and she was sure it was Old Cat.

Tonight, after dinner, we were talking about the hobo cats because we were worried about the baby birds (the subject of another post) and we mentioned about how Old Cat was likely dead and while it was a shame well, that's the way it goes.

After that we decided it was cool enough to open up so we opened the windows, opened the sliding glass door, closed the screen doors and turned on the whole house fan.

Not five minutes later, C walks into the family room and guess who is sitting in the middle of the floor, rolling around like it owned the place? That's right. Old Cat. Shoved open the screen door, trotted right in, and made itself at home. I think it heard its name. Or came back from the dead. Or both.

Maybe Old Cat needs a new name, eh? Necromancy Cat, perhaps.
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