April 17th, 2007

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Light Emitting Fabric (from yet2.com)

Interesting article about some fabrics that can luminesce:


Yet2 (www.yet2.com) seems like an interesting website. It apparently collects patent applications and technology news and reports interesting findings. You can also search their database by technology or technology need. Registration is free with basic info and an email address.
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Why I don't have a TiVo

This was in response to a work email where I said I needed to make sure to get to a hotel room in time to watch "Heroes" and a co-worker said "Dude, get a TiVo".

The last thing I need is something that enables me to watch *even* *more* television. Even if I'm watching television "smarter" (as my Tivo-Capable friends call it), I don't want a machine going out and finding things it thinks I'll like to watch because it will probably be right.

Besides, we have "sub-basic" cable (broadcast stations, cable access, home shopping and WGN) so getting TiVo would require more channels. And then the TiVo would fill up with hours and hours and hours of "What Not To Wear While You Were Out Trading Spaces to Flip That House for Curb Appeal". And then those shows would be available all the time. And then we'd have to watch them.

I'll pass on the TiVo, thank you very much.
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Puzzles Tues Apr 17

Jumble = 4:09 ("SEE" WORTHY)
Word Sleuth = 2:54 (Gambling Terms)
NEA Crossword = 2:51 (4-17-07)
NY Times Crossword = 5:10 (No. 0306)
Sudoku = 5:23 (Easy)
The Onion Crossword =12:51 (April 11)

Except for the tremendous stall on Jumble (stuck on ENCORE, then on figuring out what in the heck SEA WORTHY has to do with two tycoons), it was a really good puzzle day.