April 20th, 2007

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Itchy eyes

The wind has been blowing and the pollen count has been up, so my eyes are getting itchy. Luckily, Opcon-A works quite well to take care of the burning and the itch. This is not a paid advertisement, I'm just a satisfied customer.

It reminds me of when you go to the eye doc and they numb your eyes. At first I think "My eyes! I can't feel my eyes!" then after I get used to it I start thinking "Wow, this is cool."

I wonder: What happens when Superman gets dust in his eyes? It wouldn't hurt him, but would he start blinking a lot? Tears are just salt water, so could he have super tears? Interesting questions.
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Puzzles: Fri Apr 20

Jumble = 1:00 (What he did while he listened to the baseball game)
Word Sleuth = 3:33 (Tire Terms), didn't get unlisted clue
NEA Crossword = 4:14 (4-20-07)
NY Times Crossword = no time (No. 0309), with lookups

Pretty yukky puzzle day. Slow on everything, and was doing NY Times while watching taped shows from Thursday and eventually forgot about the timing. I had to look up a few clues to get it anyway.
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Armpit Farts

My not-yet-7-year-old daughter, A, has discovered armpit farting in the last week and thinks it is just the funniest thing in the world. Oh joy.