April 25th, 2007

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internet access is the bane of writers

Rembrandt's has free internet access. Unfortunately, that means you can spend all your time looking up things on the net, reading interesting articles, indulging whatever stray thought comes into your mind while you're supposed to be writing.

So, tonight at Rembrandt's there will be no internet accessing. I will turn off wireless on the laptop. Just writing. This time for sure.
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writing at rembrandt's in boise

Turning off the wireless went well, for the most part. There was a small break where I looked up information about seahorses, walruses and elephant seals but it was relevant to the work. Besides that, I had a nice latte, a gigantic cinnamon roll and produced 1800 words on "The Fishing Trip". All in about 2 hours.

I made it through most of the fighting scene, including working the title into the story. Coming up is the intro of old man, the mating ritual, the night in the longhouse and the wrapup. Maybe I can get it done and revised in time to send out to SacSpec in a week for our next meeting. At times, it's a very fun story.