May 10th, 2007

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Puzzles: Thurs May 10

Jumble = 1:22 (What the tax-dodging locksmith did when the IRS arrived)
Word Sleuth = 4:23 (Roberto Clemente Man of the Year Award)
NEA Crossword = 4:03 (5-10-07)
NY Times Crossword = 10:02 (No. 0329)

For a Thursday pretty darned good, especially the NY Times. Just under 20 minutes for all four.
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golfing with work

We had a work celebration offsite today at Sun City Lincoln Hills: lunch in a banquet room and then 9 holes of golf. Lunch was sandwich fixins, salads, cake and drinks, so it was just fine. The nine holes was great as it was a beautiful day: low to mid 80s, light breeze, clear sky.

I play golf about 2-3 times a year, so I don't sweat it very much. At some point during each time I play I go into "idiot savant" mode where I just rip off a set of great shots, putts, etc. Since we were playing best ball the "idiot savant" mode was perfect when it happened.

This time it was a 2-3 hole stretch where I hit some great 5-irons from the fairway, chipped nicely and drained (or got really close on) a couple long putts. The highlight was a five-iron from 175 yards to an elevated green that was fronted by nasty heather and weeds. The shot went up beautifully, carried the hazard and plopped down on the green, stopping 10 feet from the hole. The serious golfers who were with me all said "that was an awesome shot." We made a birdie on the hole.

A fun day, indeed. Perhaps I should golf a little more often.