May 14th, 2007

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off to Boise

I'm hanging out in Sacramento Intergalactic, waiting for the 6:20 AM flight to Boise. I have a two day team meeting with the new team members, where we'll do our planning for FY08.

I probably won't get to hang out in Rembrandt's this time, as we have a team dinner tonight and then I'll zip back to the hotel for HEROES. Post-HEROES, it's time to get going on the "Case of the Killer Dog" rewrite.
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Puzzles: Sat May 12 and Sun May 13

Or, the lack thereof. This was a busy weekend.

Saturday, we went to the ex-MarineWorld aka Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The difference is that they gave the park a face lift with new signs and music and cranked up the price of everything. Admission is now $50, parking is now $15. Charging people to park - what an easy way to make a ton of high-margin money. Of course, it's not like you can take public transportation to get there so everyone drives.

We got home about 8pm and we were all beat. I did do the Jumble, the Word Sleuth and the NEA Crossword and started on the NY Times Crossword. But then I had a glass of wine and A and I were watching "Star Wars" and I kept falling asleep (prompting "Dad, wake up!" calls from A) and that was the end of that. We crashed about 10pm. E and C were watching "What Not To Wear" at the in-laws and got home late.

Sunday, I made some excellent french toast for C for Mother's Day and we had it with fruit, yogurt, juice, and coffee. After that, we headed out to the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis. It was a lovely day, warm but with a breeze, and we had a earth-lovin, crunchy good time. The girls got henna tattoos, I bought two new tie-eyed shirts, we had root beer floats and chai, A did cartwheels everywhere, and it was fun.

We got home about 4pm, went to the grocery store, made a ton of pad thai for dinner, got everyone bathed and to bed and crashed about 10pm. I didn't do any puzzles and I tossed the papers in recycling.

And that was the mostly puzzle-free weekend.
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still in Sacramento

There was a problem with the computers on the plane, and now the 6:20 AM flight might take off by 8:30 AM if we take off at all. If this flight gets cancelled, then it's an 11 AM into Portland that arrives at 5PM or the 2:30 flight that arrives at 5PM. I'm not sure which one is preferable. I'm thinking it looks grim for getting there this morning.
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well, that didn't work

Alaska/Horizon offered a flight to Boise through Seattle, arriving in Boise at 1:10 PM which would be enough time to make the second half of today's meeting. Sounded good, so I took it. Unfortunately, we arrived late in Seattle after having to circle around because we couldn't land the first time and after the jetway broke. Those of us trying to get to Boise were laughing by the time we got off the plane.

There was a 2:45 to Boise which was full, and a 4:05 which I'm currently on. I'll try to make the 2:45 as a standby - we'll see what happens. No guarantees here.

The agent did give me $30 in vouchers for food at the concessions, maybe because I was nice and patient about it, maybe because I chided some teenager who was complaining to the agent next to me about how this "was ridiculous" and she "was trying to get home". Actually, all I said was "we're all in the same boat here" and, when she complained some more, "all fourteen of us" (which was how many people were trying to get to Boise). I was a little tired of listening to her whine like a spoiled princess. In any case, lunch and coffee and a snack are on Alaska/Horizon.
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made it to Boise

I actually caught the 2:45 as a standby, so I got to Boise about 5:00 pm. I missed the entire first day of meetings, but I did make dinner with the team and got to meet the new people.

In retrospect, Alaska/Horizon's mistake was telling us that the plane was going to be held in Seattle and then not holding it even when we were apparently on approach (the first time). Of course, since there were only 14 of us they probably had some numbers already run that said "oh well, send the plane."

Hopefully tomorrow night's flight will not have a problem, given that it's the LAST flight out. I don't want to stay another night.

And thus endeth the worst travel delay I have ever experienced (both in absolute delay and in delay as a percentage of original travel time). Knock on formica.
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mixed-mode bathrooms

What is always fun to experience while traveling is what I call "mixed-mode bathrooms". This is a bathroom where some of the fixtures have sensors and some don't. You hear the "unspooling a towel" sound and assume that the faucets are automatic, put your hands underneath and wait and wait. Or, the faucets are sutomatic and you look for the sensor on the soap and/or the towel. It gets me (and a lot of other people) every time.