May 29th, 2007

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Puzzles: Tues May 29

Jumble = 1:10 (Giving kids household duties can be a ---)
Word Sleuth = 3:21 (Automobile Nicknames)
NEA Crossword = 4:11 (5-29-07)
NY Times Crossword = 6:00 (No. 0417)

A bit slow today, but understandable. It's been a long, busy Memorial Day Weekend. Dad and his four siblings and several spouses were holding a small version of the family reunion. Hung out, went to the Jazz Festival, had a BBQ, went and played golf, ate a lot, drank some. Very fun, but very tiring.
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Applications were received! (Viable Paradise, OSC Bootcamp)

I received my confirmations of application for both Viable Paradise and Orson Scott Card Bootcamp. Now comes the waiting until mid-late June, when I hear if I made it in or not. I wonder how many people apply to each workshop and thus how selective they are. I know OSC Bootcamp takes 18 people, and I'd guess Viable Paradise is about the same. 100 applicants? 500? Who knows...

Turns out the Viable Paradise decisions are made by the instructors. That's certainly nerve-wracking, perhaps more so that if it was being made by a committee of people who run the workshop.

On the submission front, it's been six weeks and no news from Asimov's. Of course, they say allow three months so we're halfway. Three months would be mid-July, when I'll be on vacation at some place or other. This business really is about a lot of waiting, isn't it?

Exhausted, ready to read "The Big Knockover" and go to sleep. Tomorrow, I start in on writing "Walls Of Stars Like Eyes". I've been breaking down the story mentally and doing some scene work on the IPAQ 4350 (which I am liking more each day). Definitely ready to write it.