June 6th, 2007

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the work cafeteria is taunting me (Fat-Stripping June)

So, Fat-Stripping June feels okay after three days. I'm doing a rough food diary and hanging around 2000 calories a day. Since I weigh 190 and I exercise most days, I think that's a pretty good plan. C says I could also get my resting metabolic rate measured to get a sense of my base consumption, but that costs $$$.

The only problem is that the work cafeteria taunted me today - there were both nachos *AND* pizza available. Boy, it was tough to resist but I did. I just had a standard chicken burrito: black beans, rice, chicken, lettuce, tomato, green salsa. But those nachos and pizza looked gooooood...

"Fat-Stripping June" sounds so ... meat industry-esque. I think I'll just rename it "Lean June".
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Puzzles Wed June 6

Jumble = 0:39 (How he described the new nurse's effort to draw blood)
Word Sleuth = 4:05 (US threatened and endangered species)
NEA Crossword = 3:54 (6-6-07)
NY Times Crossword = 9:54 (No. 0425)

Okay times, a mix of fast and slow. NY Times Crossword was a slow crawl, as I didn't really get into using the theme (though perhaps I should have).
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"Walls of Stars" continues

Worked through the fourth scene and the last scene in "Walls of Stars" today. The last scene (aka the sixth scene) was pretty easy, but I'm not quite sure how well it works. The fourth scene was a little harder, as that is the realization scene for Andre. So-so on that one.

Left is the fifth scene, the party scene, which should be pretty easy. The main thing to get right is the reaction of Chelsea, and I think I can do that. All the characters are going to need one pass of cleanup, and hopefully I can get that done before mailing it out to SacSpec.