August 7th, 2007

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off to Boise

Hanging out in Sacramento Intergalactic Airport, waiting for the afternoon flight to Boise. Hopefully I get there - I've had some remarkably bad luck on Alaska the last few flights.

I'm going to Boise for 2 days to take the "It's Your Career!" class for employees in the IPG organization. Despite the "Up With People!"-esque name, it's supposed to be a pretty decent class. I've heard that part of it is based on the book "Now, Discover Your Strengths". I read the book and did the quiz at the recommendation of my boss a while back. More on my "strengths" later.

New Travel Rule of the Day (as announced while we were waiting in the security line): All small electronic items must be removed from your carry on bags and put in a bin. I only had the cell phone, jump drive, IPOD and IPAQ. The guy behind me had all that and more. That must be one of the reasons the line was moving slower than usual. They also had only one line with 3 TSA employees manning it. The 12 other TSA employees were having a meeting in one of the waiting areas, apparently reviewing the new rules.

While in Boise, I'll be making sure to have a Wednesday evening visit to Rembrandts, my favorite writing cafe in Eagle (right near HP). Funky atmosphere, good coffee, great treats. I'll also just grab a salad or sandwich and make a dinner out of it.

UPDATE: Rembrandt's does not have their menu on their website, but they have quiches, wrap sandwiches, salad, frittatas, lasagna, and more. Plenty for dinner. And, of course, the delicious treats (cakes, rolls, pies, etc).
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kid-related links

Special "sitting in remodeled and now all fancy Boise hotel" edition

Carved Crayons. Now that's some serious skill. Don't let the kids get a hold of them. (from GMSV)

RPG Baby. Gotta agree with that Charisma score. (GMSV again)

Most Popular Baby Names for 2006, courtesy Social Security Administration. My youngest daughter's name is now top ten. Yikes!

The year I was born (1966), my name was number nine. That explains why there are always so many "Jeff"s around, and why I use the nickname Yeff.

Seventeen kids?! At age 39?!?! (Article from Salon Broadsheet after number sixteen. Could somebody call Paul R. Ehrlich, please?