August 15th, 2007

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it's early, my eyes hurt

Got up at 4:00 AM in order to get to the airport and ensure a smooth journey through boarding pass and security for the 6:30 AM Southwest flight to Portland.

There was a brief moment of "oh cr*p" when the boarding pass kiosk wouldn't find my reservation and I had to contemplate waiting in the oh-so-long and oh-so-slow line to see a real person. Luckily, I quickly realized I'd entered the wrong confirmation code. Once the right code was used, all went well.

Lesson learned: Print the boarding pass beforehand. I repeat: Print the boarding pass beforehand.

This time we didn't have to take small electronics out of our bags, as opposed to last time. I guess the rules changed in a week.

In about 40 minutes we'll start the cattle call to get on the plane and all the "hard chargers" will begin jockeying for position. I somehow still ended in boarding group A, so I'll wait til the end and still have an aisle seat. Moooooo.