August 16th, 2007

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sittin in PDX, waiting for a plane

I'm hanging out in PDX waiting for the 8:05 (now 8:25) pm flight back to Sacratomato. The team finished early so I strolled into the airport about 5 or so, thinking I'd have a little dinner, have a little coffee and treat, and write until my flight.

When I looked at the monitor I noticed there was a 6:05 flight to Sacramento. Joy! Maybe I could get home by 8, see C and the kids, and have a regular evening. Alas, it was not to be. I got on the standby list but they didn't quite make it to me.

Oh well. Now it's a little coffee and treat, and write (or do task organization) until my flight. Same as it ever was.
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the Portland/Vancouver summary

Overall, the business trip went well. The team clarified what we want our roles and responsibilities to be as we move forward into initial FY2008 work, and everyone felt that was a good thing. I was pleased, as I might have picked up some development responsibilities directly related to our design and architecture work, something I realized was missing as I did the "It's Your Career" class.

We ate Wednesday dinner at Sushiland, a nice "sushi conveyor belt" place on SE 164th near to HP. It was more tasty than it had a right to be, given the price and the atmosphere. Definitely worth many repeat visits. Lunch today was at 360 Pizzeria, where I had a nice spinach salad and an enjoyable slice of "squash pizza" (which was mostly regular pizza with a bit of yellow squash on it).

Went to Borders to write Wednesday night and made it through the rest of the first draft of "Alien Across the Hall". The draft clocked in at about 4800 words. Over the next two days, I'll do the rewrite to tighten it up and get it flowing better. I think the story has some nice qualities, though the alien (the one across the hall :-) is much more in the background than I first thought it would be. After rewrite, it goes off to SacSpec for the meeting Wednesday.

After that, it's rewrite "Game of Chase" and send to Bruce Taylor, read some Ken Scholes and pick a story for him to read (I'm thinking "Hunters" or "Old Town"), then get going on "One Night with the Picture Lady". Gotta keep on, keep on, keep on doing it right.