August 31st, 2007

kojak serious

driving school carpool while sick in the head (a poem)

the morning sun
low in the eastern sky
explodes through trees, houses, and the windshield
and crashes into my eyes and brain

some spacecase at the traffic light
plays with her hair while the signal changes from green to yellow
on red, she goes ahead
and gathers honks on her way through the intersection

a sloppy white "spuds mckenzie" dog with black smudges
writhes and spasms on his back on a freshly cut lawn
while his owner scratches his stomach

i am just about the only person in peets coffee under 45
or not wearing a tie or business clothes

the cough burns my lungs
hardens my chest and ribs
pushes into my skull which swells and aches

time for a nap
powerpuff utonium

more wisdom from the seven-year-old

This morning, I went to Peets to get more beans and came home with snacks. I got a cinnamon roll for A, because I believed it was her favorite. However, she also coveted my maple nut scone.

We were close to needing to leave for school, so I said, "I'll cut them in half and share with you, but you need to decide. The time to act is now."

A picked up her roll and replied, decisively, "The time to wait is later."

C and I thought that was an excellent motto.