September 5th, 2007

spider jerusalem action figure

my head is full of concrete

When I tap on the back of my head, my teeth hurt. My sinuses have apparently "opacified", which means they are full of gunk instead of air.

When I blow my nose, yellow goop often comes out.

When I cough up stuff, it's green. I cough a lot. It hurts. But I am getting an ab workout.

It's definitely time to call the doctor.

In other news, writing is slow due to work, household things and general ick-ness. "The Very Difficult Diwali of Inspector Thirumala Naidu" gets occasional brain cycles, but they are definitely slower than usual.
powerpuff utonium

convoluted logic towards getting donuts (when you're seven)

On the way to A's gymnastics we passed by Donut City, my favorite donut place.

A said: "Dad, if I get braces could we go to Donut City afterwards and I could have a treat for being brave?"

Donuts are only an occasional occurrence in our home (like a few times a year). Maybe we should have donuts a tad more often so A doesn't have to construct huge logical preconditions before she can have a donut.

In fact, I think this weekend we'll get donuts.