October 17th, 2007

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random links

Modified Pez Dispensers (BoingBoing). Very Very kawaii. I love Donald with the cigarette!

Chumby, the beanbag computer, is releasing soon (BoingBoing). I heard about this a while back and actually thought it was already out. It'll be interesting to see how much it is (Chumby homepage says sub-$200) and what hacks/widgets are available for it.

World Privacy Forum's Top 10 Opt-Outs. Originally found at GMSV. Time to make my way down the list.

Exploratree Thinking Guides. Originally found at GMSV. Very neat for the structurally oriented free thinker (like me).

No Yelpers!, an article from Greg Sterling's Screenwerk blog about a small business trying to deal with people hammering it in an online review site. I've long thought that some people are mainly interested in "making a name" online by being snarky and rude, whether their comments are justified or not (check out YouTube comments sometime for a big example).