October 23rd, 2007

yulbrynner serious

oh short fiction, my short fiction

The "what the heck is going on with short fiction" meme is all *over* the blogosphere. Here's a current sampling. Usually the discussion is just as thought-provoking as the original post.

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So here I am, Mister Lowly Worm Beginning short SF/F writer, and I read all these thoughts and opinions and I wonder: Now what? I know why I love short fiction. I'll keep doing it, but what about the rest of it - the submitting, the hopefully being published, the folderal, the hoohah, the je ne sais quoi?

As Steven Gould said at VP, worry about the things you can control and let go of the things you can't control. I can control my writing: when I write, what I write, how good I can make it. That's it. All this other stuff? I don't control that.

It boils down to: Write a story. Make it as good as you can. Send it out (Til Hell Won't Have It!). Repeat.

That's enough whining and moping and griping for me. Time to get back to the work. Another story awaits. Keep Moving Forward. Don't Look Down.