October 30th, 2007

bender fur coat

the attack of the hobo cats

Our house has become the hangout for the "hobo cats", cats that apparently either have no other home or just like to hang out at our house.

The first cat, originally called "Cat", appeared over a year ago. He was crying at the patio door every night. Cat was some sort of mix, with orange and white and grey colors. We fed him a few times, because he looked so lost and thin, but then he turned up his nose at dry food so we figured he had a home and a regular food source and stopped feeding him. He disappeared after about a month.

Two months ago he reappeared, looking none the worse for whatever adventure he'd experienced. He had been friendly and very purry, but now was smarter and a little bitter. The screen door is loose so Cat figured out how to open it and strolled into the house whenever the sliding glass door was open. If you picked him up wrong to toss him out he'd take a couple swipes at you.

A couple weeks ago, another cat showed up. It wasn't Cat, it was stark white with grey points. This cat became "New Cat" and "Cat" became "Old Cat". New Cat is much more skittish. If you go outside, New Cat runs away. We thought New Cat had driven away Old Cat, but one day Old Cat got in so I tossed Old Cat out and closed the sliding glass door and when I went into the kitchen there was New Cat outside the french doors. So apparently they've divided up the territory and are getting along.

Yesterday, Black Cat showed up. Black Cat hangs out in the yard and hasn't tried approaching the house. We're not sure what to think about Black Cat yet.

So now there are three cats that hang out in the yard, walk across the roof, and cry at the open windows. We don't feed any of them. You think they would get the hint and move on but they don't. I guess we're just the cool house for hobo cats.