October 31st, 2007

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Halloween Costumes (past, present, future) and an Open Question

Summary: A short digression on my Halloween Costumes this year, my favorites from the past, and my wish list for the future.

Costumes named: Speed Racer, Spider-Man, Festrunk Brothers, Punk Ballerina, Jane Stanford, Frankenstein, Puzzle/Jigsaw Man, Punk Rocker, Racer X, Green Lantern, Conan the Barbarian, Ernie, big robot.

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What about you? What are you this year? What are your favorite costumes you've ever worn? In your Halloween heart of hearts, who do you want to be? Tell all in comments...

UPDATE: Added list of costumes above cut and also Puzzle Man (which I had briefly forgotten)
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Halloween summary

Speed Racer at work went well, except that many people didn't recognize the character. Deprived childhoods, apparently.

At the doctor's office, he decided I had a chronic sinus infection. I now have a month's worth of antibiotics and more super-decongestant. This time for sure.

We did a quick house Halloween decoration, using the stock set of props. It turned out fun. I'll toss up some pictures soon.

Answering the door as Spider-Man was great. I ended up wearing shorts and a robe over the costume. We had 117 trick-or-treaters total, and many were really thrilled to have Spider-Man handing out candy.

Best quotes:

(two teens) "Hey, Spider-Man is wearing a robe!"
"Yeah, Spider-Man is relaxin'."

(a young kid, probably about 5) "I didn't know Spider-Man lived here."

About 450-500 pieces of candy went out the door. I had seven mini peanut butter cups. It was a good Halloween.