November 1st, 2007

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whole lotta links

- Music

Some World Music (ganked from GMSV). World Music is excellent!

Top Jazz CDs (ganked from GMSV). I have better taste than I thought.

Vanity Fair article on the Top Soundtracks. I own most of these.

Salon review of a Joe Strummer documentary. Sounds awesome.

- Halloween leftovers

Constitutional Rights Cemetary (at Beyond the Beyond). So that's what happened to them.

Etsy Costume Contest (at Boing Boing). Seriously kawaii.

Urban Legends of Halloween (from Web Urbanist). Some of these are familiar to me.

- Random

Game Theory and Future Forecasting (at Boing Boing). If only Jeane Dixon had earned a math degree.

- Three Fun Videos

Baby Hamster Loves Broccoli. It's so cute!

Bollywood "Thriller" (from Onion AVClub). Lotsa dancing fun.

On a nice drive, a car disappears. Watch closely.