November 11th, 2007

vpxi lobsterzilla

giant fishes

National Geographic has a Monster Fishes project, with accompanying article which includes a picture gallery.

There is a cod that is bigger than me, and it's one of the smallest fishes. Check it out.
blueman red paint

Colts-Chargers = one craaaazy game

I like to watch a pro (American) football game now and then so I turned on the Indianapolis - San Diego game because it looked to be a pretty good one. I wasn't disappointed.

Opening kickoff returned for a touchdown, a punt returned for a touchdown, Peyton Manning intercepted *six* times (including a couple astounding picks), fumbles all over the place (with one recovered for a touchdown), etc. And in the end the Colts had a chance to win it, despite playing terribly, but Vinateri missed a close-up field goal.

Highly entertaining.