November 29th, 2007

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thanks to all encouragers

Thanks to all who added comments of encouragement after I posted my whiny gripe last night. It's good to know that others recognize and sympathize the state of "argh". It definitely helps with getting butt in chair and fingers on keyboard now and in the future.

Keep Moving Forward. Don't Look Down. That's the motto.
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stories submitted to Norwescon

Last night, after doing some bad writing but before doing some whiny griping, I did a quick revision pass on my stories for Norwescon. I decided to submit "The Fishing Trip" and "The Game of Chase".

The revisions mainly addressed some easy issues I heard from SacSpec ("Fishing Trip") or Bruce Taylor ("Game of Chase"), but didn't address deeper issues because I just didn't have enough time.

I asked for a Individual session (which is 4 pros and me) for each story. Hopefully the early deadline will help make that happen. I tried it last year for "Case of the Killer Dog" and "Samsara" but due to resource limits I could only do "Case of the Killer Dog".

I got the stories emailed with about 2 minutes to spare on the Nov 28 deadline. Just squeaking in there. Hopefully I made it!
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Friday at the Exploratorium!

I'm going on a field trip to the Exploratorium Friday with E's school. It'll be 250 (yes, two hundred and fifty) middle schoolers with me as one of 10 chaperones along with a few teachers.

If I'd planned ahead I could have gotten one of the "Science" shirts from the XKCD store. It would be perfect.

Hopefully I will still possess some semblance of sanity by Friday night, so I can watch my DVD of "Battlestar Galactica: Razor". I've been saving it as my reward for hitting my work deadline and getting my stories sent into Norwescon workshop.

Now I must try to put some words down before I collapse.