December 14th, 2007

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NY Times Magazine "Year in Ideas"

NY Times Magazine does an annual "Year in Ideas" feature and this year's list is out.

Wow. I haven't been through the full list and articles yet, but the index by itself looks astounding. It's chock full of story germs and concepts and general sci-fi world-building fertilizer.

Just keep asking "who hurts, and what do they try to make it better?"
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funny links

Wacky Warning Labels contest winners at M-LAW. These and the Darwin Awards just go hand-in-hand, don't they?

How to Win a Wheelbarrow Race (where switching positions is required). Save this one for the next picnic.

Funniest Laugh Ever. Really, I'm not kidding, this guy has the most wonderful, infectious laugh ever.

White and Nerdy video. Weird Al Yankovic, with the theme song for caucasian geeks everywhere and make sure to pay attention to the lyrics.

Philosopher Attack Ad. You just have to agree that Mr. Kant is not what America stands for.

Demonstration of the Chumby, a cool squishy internet appliance. I wish it was portable, but I'm sure it will soon be.

And "Crogdor" is done

I went to Peet's after work today and finished off "When Crogdor Came Back". It clocked in at 4378 words. I ended up moving the last scene back to the science center (Explor-A-MAX) rather than a family reunion because a reunion carried too many complications.

There is some serious suckage in this story, the fourth under the "two stories a month" plan. No doubt about it. But it seems like there might be a bit less suckage than in "Breaking In", which might have had a bit less than "Real Space", which might have had a bit less than "Real Enuf 4 U" (which had a whole lotta lotta suckage).

Perhaps the percentage of suckage is decreasing. Oh so very slightly, but decreasing. That's encouraging.

Now I have to figure out what to enter into Writers of the Future, as the deadline is December 31. I think I'll run a poll! Poll coming soon.
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another speculative fiction author in New Yorker

Just picked up the latest New Yorker and the Fiction story is from Jonathan Lethem, a "mainstream" author who uses A Lot of speculative fiction aspects.

C got the entire rant on how the boundaries are melting and people just need to get over it, so I won't redeliver it here. I will just summarize: People! Get over it! Enjoy the stories no matter where they are published! And don't let where they are published keep you from checking them out!

And now to actually *read* the story.