December 27th, 2007

yeff southpark

[Flash Fiction] Practicing for Deathless Pose, and an entire story

I joined up with the deathless_pose group, which will send out a story prompt every week for members. Members will then post first drafts of stories and give short critiques of each other's stories. Example prompts from the last run were: "sea shells", "dragon king" and "secret treasure".

Since I already have a giant mental queue of stories, I've decided to use deathless_pose to do some writing practice on flash fiction stories, as follows.

I have four pre-determined "meta-concepts": aliens, robots, space travel, and urban mythology (creatures of myth/folklore in a modern setting). I'll take the deathless_pose prompt, throw it against those four, and see what sticks. I'll think about it for a day, then write the flash fiction story in an hour or two, and that's it. If I need an extra prompt, I'll grab the picture from 52stories, another "story a week" site. I've done some decent stories with this model before, so I'm interested to see where it goes.

As a practice test, I grabbed the 52stories picture for 1.18 and wrote a story. Here it is. Enjoy!

Picture (from 52stories, Issue 1.18):

Issue 1.18 (450px)

"While Visiting the Ladies Room Exhibit at the Human Museum"
by Jeff Soesbe
(1274 words)

"Parent, what are 'Ladies'?" G, Z's child, pointed at the sign over the entrance to the exhibit room.

"I don't know." Tired of the interruptions, Z waved a hand to dismiss G. "Check the reference."

As G walked away, Z returned attention to the mobile display it held in its tentacles. Z's insistence on bringing the mobile had caused tension with R when R proposed the trip to the Human Museum. But what did Z care about a bunch of primitive lifeforms who drowned millions of years ago? It was the semi finals of the creative plant arranging competition!

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