January 1st, 2008

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[writing] 2007 Summary; 2008 Plans

We had a quiet New Years. We were going to go downtown to Old Sac for the fireworks, but about 9:30 pm realized we were all pretty tired and uninterested in the major effort to get out of the house. So we hung out, watched New Years coverage on TV, had champagne at midnight, then watched "Life of Brian" until 1:30 am. (I only made it up that late because of my nap from 11pm - 1145pm).

Today was "un-decorating" the trees and the house, cleaning up, entering events into the 2008 calendar, setting up the XM satellite radio (yes!) and getting ready to enter back into the regular grind of work, school, etc.

As part of last night's hanging out, I set up my story spreadsheet with story and submission status and went through my writing tracking. This helped me with a 2007 review and setting my 2008 plans.

- 2007: 17 stories written, 8 stories started, 14 stories revised, 1 story edited, 3 cons, 6 submissions (6 "no"s), much LJ, and Viable Paradise (ow!).
- 2008: Write, Revise and Submit (until Hell won't have it!)

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Viable Paradise is open for applications!

Viable Paradise has opened for applications. The great Kate Salter, wonderful master organizer, talks about it here. Elizabeth Bear, excellent instructor, also sells it.

Here's some features I'll add to their lists:
- A trip to the Bite for delicious fried treats (hopefully)!
- A group Shakespeare performance fueled by beer! Hilarity Will Ensue! (I guarantee it).
- Late nights writing, and talking about writing, and being incredibly nerdy with other sci-fi people who love writing.

And if you're lucky, Bear will take you out to the woodshed (well, beach) and give your writing a good scouring with the Brillo pad. It will be worth it. Trust me.

VP is a writerly-life-changing experience. I will be processing what I learned there for, well, years to come. I have a great new tribe of writer friends. I know it made me a better writer (or will, eventually). I am ever so glad I went.

Index of extensive VP blogging here.

It was indeed the workshop I was looking for.
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back into "When the Party of the First Part"

I started back into "When the Party of the First Part Met the Party of the Second Part (With Addendum and Rider)" tonight, after some LJ noodling. Cranked about 785 words on the rest of the first scene, and I also wrote the Rider.

This story is a bit of an odd duck, both in writing style and in tone. I'll be interested to see where it goes and ends up.

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