January 6th, 2008

bald man thinking

Read a Story a Day: Jan 1 - Jan 6

Took A (the 7.5-year-old) climbing today at the climbing gym for 3.5 hours and my forearms were crushed by the end of it. I'm just saying.

It was a slow week for reading, dominated by reading Polyphony 6 and some emergency flash. Next week will be better.

Tues Jan 1 - Sun Jan 6
Total: 12 stories (5 flash)
Favorites: "Soon We Shall All Be Saunders", "Subpoenaed in Syracuse", "Ringing Up Baby", "theleeharveyoswaldband"

Tues Jan 1:
"Crab" by Stephen Utley and Howard Waldrop, Polyphony 6.
"For the Sky Is Made of Glass" by Hannah Wolf Bowen, Polyphony 6.

Wed Jan 2:
"Fire Rising in the Moon" by Laura Anne Gilman, Polyphony 6.

Thurs Jan 3:
"The Heresy Box" by Darin C. Bradley, Polyphony 6.
"Wanderers" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Polyphony 6.
"Soon We Shall All Be Saunders" by Ken Scholes, Polyphony 6.

Fri Jan 4:
"Subpoenaed in Syracuse" by Tom Holt, _Futures from Nature_
"Men Sell Not Such in Any Town" by Nalo Hopkinson, _Futures from Nature_
"Total Internal Reflection" by Gwyneth Jones, _Futures from Nature_
"Ringing Up Baby" by Ellen Klages, _Futures from Nature_

Sat Jan 5:
"theleeharveyoswaldband" by Ben Peek, Polyphony 6

Sun Jan 6:
"Outage" by John Updike, New Yorker, Jan 7, 2008