January 8th, 2008

picard pointing

note to self: Quit Waffling!

I've been waffling on my decision of what story to submit for consideration by Polphony 7. Of course, the practical side of my brain is saying: "Hello? McFly? Waiting until the last possible minute is not how you set yourself up for success."

I was going through Polphony 6 last night and read Tim Pratt's "The Crawlspace of the World". It was fun, and had not-too-fancy language, and realistic characters, and emotional depth, and interesting fantastical twists. In other words, it was the kind of story I like to read (and thus, I like to try to write).

Then "Samsara" stood up in my brain and said, "Dude! I'm like that! I have those characteristics. What about me?" It's got a point there.

I'll get through some crits and let that possibility gel and decide Wednesday night and then get cooking. Because time is fleeting and waiting does not increase the possibility of something good happening. It's time to decide. Time to get on it!
bald guy screaming

A new thing I can *not* do

is take a clump of pizza dough and make it into anything resembling a circular and consistently thin crust for making pizza.

A squished earthworm? A topological map of the United States? A piece of swiss cheese? No problem. Round and flat? Forget it.

Probably won't be any more LJing or writing tonight. I have a metric buttload of crits for my writing groups. Frustrating day overall. Too much to be done, too little time to do it. But tomorrow is another day (and should be better than this one).