January 9th, 2008

sisko arms folded

decisions have been made

It will be "Samsara" that is revised and sent to Polyphony 7. And it will be what it will be.

After "Samsara", next revision is "Crow and Samoset" and then it will go out. Because things go out now.

"Breaking Through" critique at SacSpec went well. There was more in the story that they enjoyed than I thought there would be. It will get a revision, probably becoming more of a novelette in the process, and then go out.

"Fly, Boy" goes to Critters tomorrow and the Critters crits get going so I can get my numbers back to a good level. After Critters, "Fly Boy" gets submitted for consideration to an anthology from PARSECInk called "Triangulation: Taking Flight". Seems appropriate.

Norwescon travel/hotel plans are set. Arrive Thurs Mar 20, leave Sun Mar 23.

That's enough decisions for now. Goodnight, John-Boy.