January 10th, 2008

sisko serious

[process] A realization: Revision is a crutch for me

After I posted on my waffling about sending a story to Polyphony, joycemocha properly chided me for having stories sitting "on the desk". At Viable Paradise, we took an oath that can be summarized as "write, revise, submit". In yesterday's post, I said "one more revision and it can go out" for at least four stories. In my Writing Tracker almost all of the stories are marked as "revise and submit".

Yet, I'm continuing to take what time I've carefully carved out of my life and write 500 new words per day, on new stuff. I joined deathless_pose where we write, in theory, a new story every week.

I've realized that the need for "One More Revision" is a crutch for me. I use it to prop myself up and thus keep from sending stories out for consideration. "One More Revision" is a strategy I use to avoid the painful note saying "thanks, but no."

Sure, writing new stories is fun. Sure, it satisfies my endlessly flitting mind. Sure many of the stories "on the desk" are first drafts and messy. But it's time to get in there on a story, fix what can be fixed, and send it out. Or, toss it (an even tougher topic to consider!).

Remember the VP Oath, Yeff, and get on it. And that's all I have to say about that.