January 13th, 2008

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NFL Playoffs, in a nutshell

(I'll continue to update this through the weekend).

Green Bay v Seattle
"Hey Seattle, tell ya what. Come over to our yard, we'll play a game *and* we'll spot ya fourteen."


Excellent snow, BTW.

New England v Jacksonville
We went to the Ethiopian restaurant for dinner and it was really, really good.

Oh yeah, New England won. Big surprise there.

Indianapolis v San Diego
Remember when you were a kid and you played pick-up football and all you did was throw the ball and you ended up like a bazillion for a gazillion? Remember how much fun it was?

This was that game as played by pros and it was fun, even if the final score was lower than you might expect. The winner was a (mild) surprise, too.

Dallas v. New York Giants
Back when I was a young lad and lived in Texas, I hated the Cowboys. Cowboys-Giants games were always huge events: two teams that truly disliked each other, playing hard-nosed smash-mouth football, talking trash the whole time. And that crazy Dallas stadium with the hole in the roof that let in the rain and caused terrible shadows on the field.

Today was a throwback to those days. And, the Cowboys lost! Yes!

Everyone who thinks the Super Bowl will be New England v Green Bay, raise your hand. Anyone think something different? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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Read a Story a Day: Jan 7 - Jan 13, 2008

Total: 24 stories (14 flash)
Favorites: "The Crawlspace of the World", "And I Ask Myself The Same Question", "Missy Victoria", "Taking Good Care of Myself", "Undead Again", "The Wicker Thief", "Speech Sounds", "Wakefield"

I forgot to keep track by day. I read a lot of flash, so apparently not a lot of time was available.

"Faulkner's Seesaw" by Barry N. Malzberg and Jack Dann, Polyphony 6
"Keys I Don't Remember" by Forrest Aguirre, Polyphony 6
"The Crawlspace of the World" by Tim Pratt, Polyphony 6
"And I Ask Myself The Same Question" by Haddayr Copley-Woods, Polyphony 6
"Missy Victoria" by Bruce Holland Rogers, Polyphony 6
"Comp.Basilisk FAQ" (flash) by David Langford, _Futures from Nature_
"Gathering of the Clans" (flash) by Reinaldo Jose Lopes
"Taking Good Care of Myself" (flash) by Ian R. MacLeod, _Futures from Nature_
"Undead Again" (flash) by Ken MacLeod
"The Bone Man" by Frederic S. Durbin, F&SF Dec 2007
"The Jacket" (flash) by Kevin Mims, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Nymph" (flash) by Eve Imagine, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Undone" (flash) by Ian Rothrock, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"The End in Denver, 1950" (flash) by Allison Meraz, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Friday Night 9 p.m." (flash) by Laura Norman, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Down in the Keys" (flash) by Paul M. Mann, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"House Guest" (flash) by Danielle Best, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Uninvited" (flash) by Max Boyd, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"The Wicker Thief" (flash) by William Doonan, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Horizons" (flash) by Larry E. Graham, SN&R 2007 Flash Fiction Contest
"Crossover" by Octavia Butler, _Bloodchild_ (collection)
"Near of Kin" by Octavia Butler, _Bloodchild_ (collection)
"Speech Sounds" by Octavia Butler, _Bloodchild_ (collection)
"Wakefield" by E. L. Doctorow, New Yorker, Jan 14, 2008