January 19th, 2008

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now *that* was a week

Every day was go-go-go, from getting up early to workout to cranking code and docs and test cases at work to home and revisions aplenty for the Very Good Thing and the New Opportunity until the wee hours.

I think I watched exactly 1 hour of TV the whole week.

Today has been relaxation. Slept til 9, bought tickets to Bruce Springsteen, played games with A, did some emails, read the paper, read some stories (almost no reading last week). Tonight we're going to see Wicked Tinkers in Davis. Yes, we'll be wearing the kilts.

Tomorrow, it's time to get back to some new writing. Stories are rattling around in the brain. Things needs to be critiqued. I'm ready for it.
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My First Sale (woohoo!)

The Very Cool Thing referred to a while back is now official.

I have made my first sale!

Flash Fiction Online is buying my story "Apologies All Around" and will be publishing it in the February 2008 issue.

It feels so amazing to have just typed that.

More proof: Jake Freivald, the editor, mentions the sale in his blog.

Woohoo! It's Happy Writer Dance time! Woohoo!

Wow, what an incredible feeling.