January 29th, 2008

blueman yellow paint

five cool arty links (with bonus SF)

Massive Art Machine Animals (link at BoingBoing)

Post-It Note projects (at WebUrbanist)

The song with competely random lyrics as created by contributors at The Dilbert Blog.

A How To Make WebComics entry at PvPOnline.

Ballpoint Pen Art (link at BoingBoing)

(and two extra science fiction links)

Five Bollywood Science Fiction Movies (at io9)

Five Ways 9/11 Changed Science Fiction (at io9)
mountain k2

getting to root cause on the cold household wind

I've been cold all evening. I'm never cold. It felt like a breeze was blowing through the house. Yet, the heater was on and running. I was confused.

Finally, I figured out that there was a *cold* wind blowing from the heater vent. This was because the control was set to Constant Fan, not Auto Fan. Also, the thermostat was at the night-time setting (57). Thus, the Fan was blowing cold air around!

The heater/AC control is next to A's homework desk. A likes to play with the control. She's famous for turning the thermostat as low as she can during the summer. Apparently, she wanted some wind blowing tonight. And she got it.