February 3rd, 2008

starwars droids

thoughts during the Super Bowl

The first three quarters were a pretty dull game. No One big play. Mostly two teams grinding it out against two tough defenses.

But that last quarter, and especially the last five minutes: Oh man! Two huge drives. Nice catches by the Giant receivers in the last minute and a half with impressive scrambling by Eli Manning.

There were a lot of ads. Most are pretty meh. The big pigeon commercial was kind of funny. As was the e-trade baby.

Tom Petty is getting old, especially around his eyes. He was, well, subdued and not as good as Prince or the Stones. I successfully predicted 3 of the 4 songs he played.

My gosh, I ate tons of chips. Other snacks: pizza, guacamole, root beer, caffeine-free diet coke, spanakopita. Ugh, my stomach.