February 27th, 2008

homer woohoo

a pleasant surprise from Writers of the Future

I just got a phone call from Joni Labaqui of Writers of the Future. She said she received a surprise packet of Honorable Mention stories for 2008Q1 from judge K.D. Wentworth, and my story "This Moment, and the Times Before" was one of them!

Woohoo! Way cool! I'm very happy, as I thought the story had some chops and hoped it would do something in WOTF.

Of course, this renders my entire "I am in charge of my own WOTF-related frustration" LJ entry from a few days ago completely meaningless. Please ignore all previous whining :-)

Now I can send "This Moment" back out with an extra feather in its cap! And get back to work on my next entry.

(If I wasn't so happy, I'd be completely embarassed...)

ETA: Here's the proof!
bsg tigh reaching

hands like dry chopped meat

While A was at Rock Climbing Club today, I decided that instead of writing I'd do some climbing myself.

I stuck to the low-altitude activities since I didn't have a belayer. I traversed the bottoms of some big walls, climbed around the bouldering room, and worked on navigating "the cave" (the big all-natural space in the bouldering room).

I did do some traverses with the handholds and also tackled my arch-nemesis, the "Lord of the Rings" route in the bouldering room. For some reason, I find this one incredibly difficult even though it's a beginner climb.

Since I like to climb using mostly "natural" features (ie, as few handholds as possible), I'm always grabbing cracks and small points and bumps as my holds.

My hands are just wiped out. They're dry and sore and I think I'm missing most of the first couple layers of skin on the insides of my fingers. My forearms will be aching tomorrow...